19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio

19.5V 4.62A 90W Power Supply Charger Power Adapter With Power Cord For HP Envy Touchsmart Sleekbook ChromeBook EliteBook Folio

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  Output: 19.5v 4.62a 90W (Also Compatible 19.5V 3.33A 65W & 19.5V 2.31A 45W) 
DC connector : 4.5*3.0mm
Package Include:  1x 19.5v 4.62A 90W
                                   1x power cord (We have US, EU,UK ,AU plug, we will choose according to your country request)   


Compatible with: 

  Not all Compatible models is listed Please contact us if you cannot sure the AC adapter.


Hp Spectre X360 360 13 13t 15 11-k120nr 13-4116dx 13-s128nr 15-ap012dx m3-u001dx m3-u003dx m6-aq003dx m6-aq005dx m6-ar004dx m7-u009dx

Hp Pavilion X360 HP Split 13 x2 HP X360 310-G2 HP Stream 11 13 14 11-d010wm

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 G1 1040 G1 G2 G3 Hp EliteBook X360 Elite X2 1011-G1 Elitebook 720-G2 725-G3 745-G3 755-G3 820-G3 840-G3 850-G3

HP 210-G1 215-G1 250-G2 250-G3 250-G4 250-G5 255-G2 255-G3 255-G4 255-G5 340-G1 340-G2 350-G1 350-G2 355-G2

HP Probook 640 g2 640 g3 645 g2 645 g3 650 g2 650 g3 655 g2 655 g3 430 G3 440 G3 450 G3 455 G3 Probook 350-G2 355-G2

HP ChromeBook 14-q000 14-q010dx 14-q010nr 14-q020nr 14-q029wm 14-q030nr 14-q039wm 14-q049wm 14-q070nr

HP Envy 15 15t: 15-j023c 15t-k100 15-d009TX Notebook PC 248 i3-4005U 14.0 4GB/500 PC 90W SMART AC ADAPTER ENVY 15-J006CL NOTEBOOK PC ENVY 15-k033TX Notebook PC ENVY 15-k225TX Notebook PC ENVY 15Z-J000 NOTEBOOK PC ENVY 17-k211TX Notebook PC ENVY QUAD LEAP MOTION 17T-J100 REFURB NOTEBOOK PC ENVY TOUCHSMART 17-J037CL NOTEBOOK PC J2C18PA Pavilion 14-e020TX NB PC Pavilion 15-e003AX NB PC Pavilion 15-e015AX NB PC Pavilion 15-e032AX NB PC Pavilion 15-e103TX NB PC Pavilion 15-p037AX Notebook PC PAVILION 15Z-E000 NOTEBOOK REFURB PC PAVILION 17Z-E100 REFURB NB PC PAVILION TOUCHSMART 14Z-N200 HP Pavilion 14-e021TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e022TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e023TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e024TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e025TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e026TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e027TX NB PC HP Pavilion 14-e028TX NB PC

HP Pavilion Envy 15 series: 15-ab157nr 15-ab173cl 15-ab292nr 15-ac151dx 15-ac158dx 15-au018wm 15-ay012dx 15-ay013dx 15-ay041wm 15-ba079dx 15-d020nr 15-d037dx 15-d038dx 15-d040nr 15-d069wm 15-d072nr 15-d074nr 15-d075nr 15-d076nr 15-d079wm 15-d089wm 15-d090nr 15-e010us 15-e087nr 15-e088nr 15-g019wm 15-g029wm 15-j023c 15-j119wm 15-n010us 15-n013dx 15-n019wm 15-n040us 15-n220us 15-n230us 15-n280us 15-n290nr 15-p214dx 15t-k100

HP Pavilion 17 series : 17-e000 17-e002xx 17-e009wm 17-e010us 17-e011nr 17-e012nr 17-e013nr 17-e014nr 17-E016DX 17-e017cl 17-e017dx 17-e019dx 17-e020dx 17-E020US 17-e021nr 17-e024nr 17-e028ca 17-E030US 17-e031nr 17-e033ca 17-e033nr 17-e035nr 17-e037cl 17-e038ca 17-e039nr 17-E040US 17-e046us 17-e048ca 17-e049wm 17-E050US 17-e052xx 17-e053ca 17-e054ca 17-e055nr 17-e056us 17-e061nr 17-e062nr 17-e063nr 17-e064nr 17-e065nr 17-e066nr 17-e067cl 17-e067nr 17-e068nr 17-e071nr 17-e072nr 17-e073nr 17-e074nr 17-e075nr 17-e076nr 17-e077nr 17-e078nr 17-e079nr 17-e086nr 17-E088NR 17-e089nr 17-e098nr 17-e110dx 17-e112dx 17-e113dx 17-e116dx 17-e117dx 17-e118dx 17-e119wm 17-e120ca 17-e121ca 17-e122ca 17-e123cl 17-e130us 17-e132nr 17-e137cl 17-e140us 17-e150us 17-e160us 17-e171nr 17-e180nr 17-e181nr 17-e182nr 17-e183nr 17-e184nr 17-e185nr 17-e186nr 17-e187nr 17-e188nr 17-e189nr 17-f004dx 17-f019WM 17-f113dx 17-f223Nr 17-f224Nr 17-f225Nr 17z-e000 17z-e100 17-g133cl 17-g148dx 17-g192dx

HP Pavilion 14-e035tx 14-e022tx 14-e021tx 14-e023tx 15-e029tx 15-e026tx 17-e127sf 17-s010nr m4-1009tx m4-1010tx

HP Pavilion 14 15 15t 15z 17 M1 TouchSmart: 15-ab157nr 15-ab173cl 15-ab273ca 15-af113cl 15-af130nr 15-af141dx 15-au018wm 15-ay011nr 15-ay013nr 15-e010us 15-e088nr 15-f209wm 15-f211wm 15-f387wm 15-r030wm 15-r030nr 15-R033RA 15-R034NA 15-R035CL 15-r263dx 15-n000 15-n010us 15-n011nr 15-n012nr 15-n013ca 15-n014nr 15-n019wm 15-n020ca 15-n020nr 15-n020us 15-n023cl 15-n024nr 15-n028us 15-n030ca 15-n030us 15-n033ca 15-n034ca 15-n034nr 15-n037cl 15-n040ca 15-n040us 15-n041ca 15-n044nr 15-n046us 15-n047cl 15-n048ca 15-n048nr 15-n060ca 15-n060nr 15-n061nr 15-n062nr 15-n064nr 15-n065nr 15-n066us 15-n067ca 15-n067nr 15-n068nr 15-n069nr 15-n071nr 15-n080ca 15-n084ca 15-n087nr 15-n088ca 15-n088nr 15-n089nr 15-n090nr 15-n091nr 15-n092nr 15-n093nr 15-n094nr 15-n096nr 15-n096sa 15-n097nr 15-n098nr 15-n200nr 15-n201nr 15-n202nr 15-n203nr 15-n204nr 15-n205nr 15-n206nr 15-n207nr 15-n208nr 15-n209nr 15-n210nr 15-n211nr 15-n277nr 15-n278nr 15-n279nr 15-n281nr 15-n287cl 15t-n100 15t-n200 15z-n100; 14-af110nr 14-af180nr 14-e035tx 14-e022tx 14-e021tx 14-e023tx 15-e029tx 15-e026tx 17-e127sf 17-g133cl 17-g192dx m1-u001dx m4-1009tx


HP Pavilion Sleekbook 10 11 14 15 17 M1 M3 HP Envy Sleekbook 14 15 15 17 M7 M6

HP Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 10-e000 11-e000 11z-e000 14-f000 14-n000 14z-n000 15-e000 15z-e000 15-n000 15t-n100 15z-n100 17-e000 10-e010nr 11-e015nr 11-e010nr 11-e015dx 11-n010dx 14-e035tx 14-e022tx 14-e021tx 14-e023tx 15-ab292nr 15-n013dx 15-n019wm 15-n047cl 15-n066us 15-n028us 15-n011nr 15-n071nr 15-n287cl 15-p214dx 15-p151nr 15t-n200 17-e127sf 17-e119wm 17-e117dx 17-e118dx 17-e112dx 17-e123cl 17-e019dx 17-e016dx 17-e113dx 17-e020us 17-e116dx 17-e040us 17-e049wm 17-e020dx 17-e110dx 17-e055nr 17-e017dx 17-f019wm 17-f113dx 17-f004dx 17-f224nr 17-f220nr 17-g133cl m4-1009tx m4-1010tx

HP ENVY 15-J000 17-j000 M7-j000 M6-k000 15-j011dx 15-j052nr 15-j063cl 15-j067cl 15-j003cl 15-j173cl 15-k020us 15-k163cl 15-k167cl 15t-k100 15t-j100 15t-k100 15z-j000 15z-j100 17-j140us 17-j115cl 17-j153cl 17-j173cl 17-j137cl 17-j130us 17-j020us 17-j027cl 17t-j100 m6-k022dx m6-k025dx m6-k012dx m6-k015dx m6-k125dx m6-k010dx m6-n113dx m6-n010dx m6-n015dx m6-n012dx m6-w102dx m6-w011dx m7-j120dx m7-j020dx m7-j010dx m7-k111dx m7-k211dx m7-k010dx m7-n101dx m7-n109dx m7-n011dx m7-u009dx

HP Notebook PC 15-an051dx 15-d069wm 15-d079wm 15-d037dx 15-d038dx 15-d053cl 15-d035dx 15-e029tx 15-e026tx 15-e020us 15-e037cl 15-e043cl 15-f111dx 15-f162dx 15-f004dx 15-f010dx 15-f010wm 15-f033wm 15-f009wm 15-f039wm 15-g020dx 15-g070nr 15-g019wm 15-p030nr 15-r030wm 15-r029wm 15-r011dx 15-r132wm

P/N: 709986-003 709986-01 710413-001 710414-001 ADP-90WH D H6Y88AA H6Y89AA H6Y90AA PA-1900-32HE PPP009C PPP012D-S PPP012L-E 719309-001 719309-003 721092-001 740015-001 741727-001 845611-001 845836-850 PA-1450-56HA TPN-LA03



The 3-Prong incorporate a ground pin that connects exposed metal parts to the wiring system ground.
2-Prong do not have a grounding pin. 2-Prong are often used on "Double-Insulated" apps that do not rely on grounding to provide shock and fire safety. This adapter has been tested and is guaranteed to work with the compatible laptop models. Reliable power for years to come. 

power cord (We have US, EU,UK ,AU plug, we will choose according to your country request)




We provide the highest quality laptop power adapters for the lowest price with the highest level of service. We are an experienced group of internet sellers. All laptop adapter chargers are New and passed strict quality assurance procedures such as CE, ,RoHS,UL,FCC and ISO9001/9002/14001 certifications.


( only 5% factory care the quality as well as our factory in China)

          Good supplier and wish to expand the market. 

Price: not lowest,but have a good value and just at your wish.


Find us can save your time and money.





1 Short Circuit Protection

2 overcurrent protection

3 Overvoltage Protection

Product Features

1.full output current;

2.high output voltage accuracy;

3.the output voltage ripple is small;

4.the original standard design, 100% compatible with original power supply;

5.compact and lightweight, easy carrying, has passed series of safety certification, safe and secure.

6.The product does not contain (and not exceed the prescribed limits) European limit / disable of cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, PBB, PBDE six toxic substances.




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